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[ff7] a chance of rain -- angeal & genesis (pg)

A Chance of Rain
~230 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis
a/n: A short scene cut out from the beginning of another story I'm working on. I kind of like it and am loathe to toss it into the trash heap. Angeal and Genesis, as kids in Banora.

They were at the marketplace when the first fat drops of rain began to dot the dusty roads. As Genesis came out from the store, Angeal uncrossed his arms and cast a look at the sky. "You know, I don't think we'll outrun this thing."

Genesis tossed a bag to him and made straight for his bike, kicking the stand up. "Surely you're not scared of a bit of rain," he said.

"I think it'll be more than just 'a bit of rain.' You're not afraid of messing up your hair?"

Genesis mounted his bike and shot him a glare. "Get on, or I'll leave you behind."

"Yes, sir," Angeal said, grinning. He hefted the bag onto his shoulder; its contents clinked together, glass-like. "What'd you buy? This weighs more than a ton of bricks."

"Just the usual assortment: Fire, Ice, Lightning. There may be a Cure or two in there as well."

"Not a Gravity?"

"You complain far too much for a field hand," Genesis said, but he remained still as Angeal clambered up behind him, steadied himself on the foot pegs, and braced his hands against Genesis's shoulders. Overhead, the skies growled a warning; Angeal felt a raindrop splatter against his neck, and he reached up to wipe it away. Then Genesis put his foot to the pedal, and, after a wobbly start, they set off down the road together.

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