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DW: [personal profile] raskol
LJ: [livejournal.com profile] fdraskol
FFN: Raskol
AO3: Raskol
Fandoms: Varied, but mostly Final Fantasy (VII) these days.

WARNING POLICY: If I think there is something potentially upsetting in a story, I will plaster a very general blanket warning in the notes but will not provide any specific content warnings. Most of my stuff is pretty tame anyways.

ACCESS NOTES: Yes, there's locked content, though it's not anything to get excited about. It mostly consists of short pieces that I don't consider worthy of archiving on AO3/FFN for length or quality reasons, pieces I'm still working up the courage to post on AO3/FFN, and (rarely) WIPs. If you want access, just comment below or subscribe, and I'll add you to the Access List.