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Raskol ([personal profile] raskol) wrote2015-01-14 03:14 pm

[ff7] brewed awakening -- angeal & genesis (pg)

Brewed Awakening
~200 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis

Genesis was an absolute monster in the mornings, a fact that Angeal was reminded of their first day out from Banora when Genesis stumbled from their tent, hair all awry and scowling at the sun as if it had committed some grievous offense, such as daring to rise before noon.

"Coffee" was the first word out of his mouth.

Angeal raised an eyebrow. "Good morning to you too," he said and held out a steaming cup.

Genesis stomped right on over and plopped down beside him, seized the mug, took a great big gulp -- and sputtered. "Goddess," he said, coughing, "what went and died at the bottom of this cup? Are you trying to poison me?"

Angeal hid a smile and poked at the crackling fire with a stick. "They're coffee grounds. You're supposed to let them settle first. You're not supposed to drink them."

Genesis shot him a glare. "How was I supposed to know? They're in the cup, ergo they're supposed to be drinkable."

"Remind me to never piss in your cup then," Angeal said dryly.

Genesis's face darkened.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding," Angeal said, laughing. Then, "Hey, waitasec -- there's no need to reach for the materia --!"

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