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A Chance of Rain
~230 words, PG, Angeal & Genesis
a/n: A short scene cut out from the beginning of another story I'm working on. I kind of like it and am loathe to toss it into the trash heap. Angeal and Genesis, as kids in Banora.

Angeal and Genesis try to outrun a storm. )
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By Candlelight
~2000 words, PG, Aerith & Nanaki
a/n: "Aeris. I would love anything that shows her being her normal, awesome, flawed self. It can be before, during, or after game, AU, anything. Also, something that shows her relationship (whether it be happy, sad, romantic, familial, or anything in between) with the Planet, Yuffie, Red XIII, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene, Elmyra, Tseng, Reeve, Cid, Barret, or Vincent would be awesome." -- [personal profile] mako_lies (Chocobo Down 2014)

Aerith and Nanaki find each other in the dark. )
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Close Encounters
~2700 words, PG-13, Nanaki & Vincent (+ cameos from OGC ensemble)
a/n: "I really, really love Red XIII/Nanaki - he was always on my team along with Vincent or Cid. Because of that I'd love either fic or art of either just Red, or either/both of the other two interacting in some way with him. For fic, a conversation, Red teaching one of them something maybe. Any canon you want." -- [personal profile] thousanth (Chocobo Down 2014). Thanks to [personal profile] dragonmoth for the help!

Quiet nights give way to disquieting company. In the mountains of Nibelheim, Nanaki and Vincent practice the fine art of not quite speaking their minds. )
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